Hi, my name is Peter and I create eCommerce web content for eCommerce marketers and eCommerce marketing firms.

eCommerce Web Content

Why would you choose me?

1. I have over two years of experience in writing eCommerce web content

Do you want an experienced eCommerce writer?

I started writing eCommerce web content in August 2013, and since then I have drastically improved my writing skills.

2. I’ve written for a range of different industries

Are you looking for an eCommerce writer with breadth?

I’ve written for the following industries: office furniture, rugs, pet care products, home furniture, floor tiles, home beer brewing equipment, dietary supplements, gothic clothing, baby furniture, eco-friendly clothing, beer, wine and spirits, computer equipment, home lighting, work tools

3. I enjoy studying eCommerce marketing and content marketing

Do you want a writer with a genuine interest in eCommerce?

Here are some of the topics I like to study: product and category page optimisation, eCommerce content marketing, eCommerce conversion optimisation.

Get in contact with Peter:

Do you have any questions? Or maybe you want more info? Just email me at contentdriver@gmail.com and I’ll answer all your questions.

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