Book Review: Managing Content Marketing by Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi

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There’s theory.

And there’s practice.

Many content marketing books focus heavily on theory, but Managing Content Marketing is perhaps the only known book on content marketing that focuses entirely on practical and actionable steps.

And it’s short and precise at only 180 pages, so there’s no filler.

In this book Robert Rose and Joe Pulizzi team up together to educate you on the practicalities of content marketing.

Here is the breakdown:

Part 1: Content Marketing Strategy

As I said, this book is precise and cuts straight to the chase.

It starts off teaching you how to justify a content marketing program to someone higher up in an organization.

It then goes into issues like getting to know your audience, getting to know yourself, sales funnels, sales processes, buying processes, the engagement cycle, content segmentation grid (don’t worry, these are all explained in the book and are essential for content strategy), and defining your content channel plan.

This section also contains chapter 3 which is my favorite chapter in the book.

Many content marketing teachers emphasize that you must have a “story”, but this is the only book I know that teaches you HOW to create your story with a 12 step action plan, adapted from The Writers Journey: Mythic structures for Writers by Christopher Vogler.

Use this “action plan” and you should be well on your way to creating an enticing story.

Part 2 – The Process of Content Marketing

This section goes into systems such as employee management, editorial calendars, editorial guides, social and conversational guides, and assembling your content marketing team.

It also goes into how businesses can choose the right tools for their content marketing implementation, and ways to listen in on what the target audience is saying so you can best engage them.

Finally, it ends with a chapter in measurement.

The final word

If you’re after theory for content marketing then this book may disappoint you.

But if you want to understand how a business can create a content marketing strategy, justify it to management, then implement an effective content marketing program that will engage customers and be profitable, then this book is for you.

If you actually own a business then this book is a “must-read”.

You can buy Managing Content Marketing from Amazon.

Have you read Managing Content Marketing? What did you think?

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