Book Review: Mastering The New Media Landscape by Barbara Cave Henricks and Rusty Shelton

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Book Review of “ Mastering the New Media Landscape: Embrace the Micromedia Mindset”.

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The “media landscape” is changing”

Todays consumers are bombarded with information. They receive more messages then ever before, and across more devices than ever before.

And this will become even more prominent in the future.

But the biggest change of all? Traditional media is in decline. Brands themselves are now media outlets who can build their own audience.

Pages: 192

Mastering the New Media Landscape by Barbara Cave Henricks and Rusty Shelton aims to help you keep up with these media landscape changes, and to take advantage of them.

Barbara Cave Henricks is the President of Cave Henricks Communications, a public relations firm that specialises in book publicity for thought leaders. She has over 25 years of experience. You can follow Barbara on Twitter or check out her blog posts.
Rusty Shelton is the founder of Shelton Interactive, a digital marketing and public relations firm which has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. You can follow Rusty on Twitter or check out his blog on his personal webpage.

The Breakdown

I must say first that the main focus of this book is on consultant and service type businesses. But that’s not to say you can’t find some valuable information inside.

Here is a brief breakdown of the twelve chapters:

Chapter 1

Introduces you to the concept of “micromedia”. This concept represents a change from large media outlets into niche content published by brands.

It also introduces you to the three different types of content platforms:

Earned – Somebody else’s platform
Rented – Your social media pages
Owned – Your webpage, blog, email list, etc.

The key? Drive potential customers from earned and rented media, into media that you own.

Chapter 2

Outlines some of the basic rules to follow in this new media landscape.

Chapter 3

Technology gives more opportunities to connect with new potential customers. But remember – try to focus on driving these potential customers into channels you own.

Chapter 4

Provides you with some general advice on the three different content platform types: earned, rented, and owned.

Chapter 5

Talks about being “discoverable”. It gives you tips to increase your chances of potential customers finding you online.

Chapter 6

What impression does your eCommerce store make on Google? What do people think when they land on your webpage? This chapter helps you perform an online brand audit. Why? So people searching for you gain a good impression of your eCommerce brand.

Chapter 7

Yes, traditional media has declined in importance. But there are still some things you can learn, which this chapter talks about.

It also gives you a suggested blog formula. This formula consists of evergreen posts, interview posts, and newsjacking.

Chapter 8

An introduction to social media, with sound advice on choosing a social media platform.

Chapter 9

Talks about individual social media platforms, like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. (But not Pinterest, unfortunately). It gives you suggested content formulas for the respective social media platforms.

Chapter 10

Though traditional media is declining, it isn’t dead. This chapter give you some tips on breaking into traditional media.

Chapter 11

This chapter gives you tips on launching a speaking career. (As I said, the book mainly caters for consulting and service based businesses, not eCommerce.). You can skip this chapter if you’re not interested in booking speeches.

Chapter 12

This final chapter offers you six ways to “future proof” your media strategy. It’s pretty much a summary of some of the most important points in the book.

I Liked:

  • I like books that aren’t too dense, and this book is one of them.
  • It strikes a good balance between practical trips theoretical understanding.
  • I liked how the book didn’t paint doomsday on traditional media. Though traditional media is declining, it isn’t dead yet.

I did not like:

  • The book focuses on helping consultants and service based businesses, not eCommerce stores. So you may find a fair bit of the content inapplicable to your eCommerce store.

The Verdict:

Mastering the New Media Landscape doesn’t directly apply to eCommerce. But it still has many good tips on content marketing. Do you want some actionable advice? Do you want to increase your understanding on content marketing? I recommend it.

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