Book Review: The Content Code by Mark Schaefer

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Content marketing always changes, and one of the latest books in content marketing is The Content Code: Six essential strategies to ignite your content, your marketing, and your business

[message]Mark W. Schaefer is a blogger and business consultant with over 30 years of experience in sales, marketing, and PR.

The Breakdown

Briefly, here is what each chapter covers:

Chapter 1: The Ignition Switch
Dispels the myth that all you need to do to gain customers is to “create good content”. There is much more to it.

Chapter 2 – Structure, Strategy, and the Content Code
Addresses the idea of content saturation and what you can do if your particular market is saturated.

Chapter 3 – Building Shareability into Your Content
Covers why people will share your content.

Chapter 4 – 22 Practical Ways to Achieve Content Ignition
Lists (and explains) 22 ways to get more people to share your content.

Chapter 5 – Building an Alpha Audience
Tells you how you need to find an audience of select people who are more likely to share your content.

Chapter 6 – Borrowing Trust
Discusses how you can help your content spread by forming relationships with important influencers in your niche.

Chapter 7 – The Heroic Brand
Explains how you can become an influencer yourself.

Chapter 8 – Distribution, Advertising, Promotion, and SEO
Describes ways in which you can get more people to see your content.

Chapter 9 – Social Signals and Social Proof
Lists (and describes) strategies to further promote your content using social proof.

Chapter 10 – The Mystery of Authority
Gives tips on increasing your domain authority.

Chapter 11 – The Future of Content and Ignition
Here the author has some compelling ideas on what the future of content marketing will be like.

What Can The Content Code teach you about eCommerce Web Content?

If you want to create a blog for your eCommerce store to drive more customers to your site, it won’t do anymore to just create content and wait for the customers to come (for most niches). You need to promote your content by other means. This book will help you to do this (i.e. “Ignite” your content)

I liked:

The main thing I liked about The Content Code was that it addresses the issue of “content saturation”, which I have always seen to be a huge problem in content marketing. Nowadays everyone wants to gain customers by creating good content, and this making it harder and harder to stand out.

Mark M. Schaefer has a wealth of unique ideas, so you’ll gain a number of interesting insights into content marketing.

I think the chapter about Social Proof was amazing.

I did not like:

I can’t think of anything I disliked about this book. I was blown away by many of the ideas the author introduces, and reading this book was an eye opening experience (and I’ll definitely read it again some time).

Should I read The Content Code by Mark M. Schaefer?

If you have an eCommerce blog, this book is a definite read.

Maybe you’re just beginning to build a content strategy for your eCommerce niche? In this case you may find it hard to get noticed if your competitors already dominate that niche, but this book will help you find other ways to promote your content that will get your name known and drive customers to your store.

Or maybe you already have a sound content strategy and dominate your niche? If so, then congratulations – I envy you. But you still might want to read this book to keep up with future ideas, and find even more ways to promote your content.

And if you’re interested in content marketing in general, you will gain a plethora of ideas from this book.

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What about you? Have you read The Content Code by Mark M. Schaefer? What did you think of it?

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