Book Review: The Brand Flip by Marty Neumeier

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Book Review of “The Brand Flip”.

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Customers are becoming more empowered when it comes to branding. Why? Because no longer do companies create the brand and push them onto the customers – the customers themselves now have a huge say in how your branding transpires.

The Brand Flip by Marty Neumeier helps you take advantage of this changing trend in branding.

 Pages: 160

The Brand Flip takes a look at ways in which companies used to do branding. It then “flips” these methods into how best to do them today, taking into account changing customer attitudes and technology.

It uses a hypothetical tea company as an ongoing case study to highlight the ideas.

Marty Neumeier is the Director of Transformation at Liquid Agency, an agency that specialises in creating successful brands that can adapt to change. You can follow Marty on Twitter.

The Breakdown

The Brand Flip opens up with a section called “10 New Realities”. This outlines ten different ways in which branding has changed.

The book is then divided into three parts. Each part outlines several different “brand flips” – ways in which branding has completely changed from the conventional way of doing things. There are eighteen “Brand Flips” in total.

Part 1: Flipping the Brand

This section focuses on the customer side of things. It defines branding. Branding is more than the product you sell, and it is more than your eCommerce store itself. It’s all about empowering your customers.

In this section you’re introduced to the “Brand Commitment Matrix”. This is a plan to align your eCommerce business with what your customers stand for.

Part 2: Leading The Tribe

This section focuses on the company side of the equation. It helps you to complete the “Brand Commitment Matrix”, so you can then go on to branding itself.

Part 3: Designing The Way Forward

This section focuses on design, an important part of branding. Good design comes through experimentation. Through this experimentation, you can design a top customer experience throughout your eCommerce store. This allows your customers to be able to tell their own story (not yours).

The Brand Flip then sums things up with a list of “Take Home Lessons”. After that it gives you a “Recommended Reading” list so you can go deeper into the topic of branding.

I Liked:

  • The Brand Flip doesn’t waffle on – it’s short and sweet.
  • Just about everything in The Brand Flip can relate to eCommerce – the ongoing case study itself is a hypothetical eCommerce startup.
  • The Brand Flip contains many simple examples and diagrams throughout the book.

I did not like:

I can’t think of anything I disliked about The Brand Flip.

Also to Consider:

If you’re interested in drawing up an actual branding plan, Sticky Branding is an exceptional book on this subject.

The Verdict:

The Brand Flip is a quick read which will give you a better understanding of branding. Both for the present and in the future. It will help you take a more customer-focussed approach.

It isn’t just a checklist of things to do. It’s a different way of thinking about branding and running your eCommerce business.

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