Book Review: Ecom Hell by Shirley Tan

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When beginning a new E-Commerce business, a range of different problems can arise, problems that may make you wish you never went into business in the first place.

But if you address these problems proactively, then starting an E-Commerce business may be the best decision in your life (though it is still hard work).

Enter the following book by Shirley Tan: Ecom Hell: How to Make Money in Ecommerce Without Getting Burned[message]Shirley Tan opened her first E-Commerce store in 1996, and is now an E-Commerce strategist and consultant. You can follow Shirley on Twitter.[/message]

The Breakdown

Ecom Hell is divided into three sections:

Section 1 – This section covers the things you need to know before starting an E-Commerce business. It talks about things like customer service, money matters, time management, niche research, keyword research, competitor analysis, and more.

Section 2 – This sections covers other things you need to consider when starting an E-Commerce business, like choosing a domain name, mobile commerce, inventory management, packaging, user experience, finding a web designer, and more.

Section 3 – This section covers general E-Commerce business operations, and talks about topics like social media marketing, general marketing, SEO, email marketing, PPC, customer service, hiring staff, accounting, data analysis, and more.

The good, bad and the ugly

I found Ecom Hell to be an easy read, especially when it had checklists and bullet points to make the read even easier.

The book mainly targets new E-Commerce business owners, and provides them with information that will prevent them from running into problems in the future (i.e. getting themselves into “Ecom Hell”).

As far as help with E-commerce web content goes, Ecom Hell has practically a whole chapter of tips for the following page types: home page, category pages, product pages, shopping cart page, and your checkout page.

Should I Read Ecom Hell?

E-Commerce marketers will probably find a range of useful tips in Ecom Hell. But I would say that the book is more so written for people who want to start an E-Commerce business themselves.

So if you want to start an E-Commerce business and have no idea how to go about it, Ecom Hell will provide you with a range of tips that should save you a lot of trouble. If you already possess a thorough knowledge of E-Commerce marketing, you may not find the content of Ecom Hell as compelling as you would like.

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