eCommerce Content Marketing Links – March 2016

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My favourite eCommerce content marketing links from March 2016.

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Well, it’s time for my monthly link roundup again. I hope with these articles, you can find some content ideas for your eCommerce site.


eCommerce Links for March 2015

Ecommerce SEO: 50 Killer Link Building Techniques That Work for Your Online Shop
Catalin Zorzini at Ecommerce Platforms
This article should have at least one awesome content idea for your eCommerce site.

What makes good content in ecommerce
Paul Rogers at CIO
Here are four examples of eCommerce retailers with a sound content strategy.

Mutual Gandhi at SEO Clarity
Analyse data to create new subcategories for your eCommerce store. And, if done right, watch that traffic come in.

10 Examples of Great Storytelling in Ecommerce
Edward Gotham at Ometria
I love how these ten brands can “resonate” with their audience through good storytelling.

The 2016 Facebook Video Marketing Strategy for Growth
Ty Rothstein at StoreYa
This article has all you need to know about video marketing on Facebook.

Forget, does Benefit Cosmetics offer the best ecommerce experience?
Paul Rouke at Econsultancy
Benefit Cosmetics offers a fantastic user experience. But there are still some things they could do better.

Does SMS Have a Role in E-Commerce Customer Acquisition?
Daniel Schwindt at Kissmetrics
And now a bonus link – A discussion of how eCommerce retailers are growing their business through SMS messaging.

Your Turn…

Do you know of any inspiring articles I didn’t mention here? Leave a comment below or let me know in the comments below.

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