eCommerce Web Content Links – December 2015

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This months most helpful articles on eCommerce web content and content marketing.

Well, I hope you had a great christmas – one with plenty of sales for your eCommerce store (or for your eCommerce clients).

Here are the links for December. Hopefully with these links you can continue to sell well into the new year.

I wish you a successful 2016!


eCommerce Links for December 2015

6 Leading Practices for Sale-Boosting Product Descriptions
Catalin Zorzin at Ecommerce Platforms

I like the approach this article takes to writing product descriptions. First it outlines a list of questions to answer to make your product descriptions more informative and appealing. Then it gives you some best practices for increasing product page conversions, along with examples.

How to create product content to drive sales
Gabrielle O’Hare at Smart Insights

Gabrielle O’Hare takes a look at the product page content of some furniture retailers, to see what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. Main tip: Answer your customers questions in a visually pleasing way.

Are eCommerce Product Reviews Worth It?
Alexandra Coutts at ThoughtShift

Alexandra Coutts talks about how implementing user reviews on your product pages can lead to higher organic click-through rates and conversions. She then addresses some common objections to implementing customer product reviews on your eCommerce product pages.

23 creative examples of hover states in ecommerce UX
Ben Davis at Econsultancy

You can use hover states for a variety of purposes: show your products in different colours, display your products at different angles, bring up useful product info, increase intrigue, add elegance, reduce clutter, or anything else you can imagine to improve UX.

7 Product Filtering Implementations That Make Macy’s Best-in-Class
Christian Holst at Bigcommerce

Find out the best ways to implement product filtering for your customers on your category pages, using Macy’s, an online fashion store, as an example.

Kim Speier at Mainstreethost

How do these five eCommerce companies get more visitors to their product pages, and more conversions, all with user experience?

How You Can Use Emotion to Increase Conversion Rates (5 Concrete Steps)
Ty Rothstein at StoreYa

Triggering emotions is vital when it comes to your product, category or brand pages. This detailed article outlines step-by-step how to do just that.

8 Ways to Boost Average Order Value
Armando Roggio at Practical Ecommerce

You want to increase your AOV, right? Here are some tips.

SEO tactics for product pages
Dave Colgate at Vertical Leap

An informative article to help you manage your product page SEO. Most of these tips will also help you to optimise your product pages for sales.

10 Ecommerce Companies That are Killing the Content Marketing Game
Sujan Patel

Not all eCommerce content marketing is effective. What are the successful eCommerce businesses doing, that makes their content marketing shine?

Do you know of any inspiring articles I didn’t mention here? Leave a comment below or join the Twitter discussion.

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