This Week in eCommerce Content Marketing – 7/18/15

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This week, you can learn all about up selling and cross-selling, gain inspiration from eCommerce blogging examples, find out how to optimise your shopping cart for global shoppers, and more. I hope you enjoy!

eCommerce Content Marketing

Your Content Marketing Is a Joke (Or It Should Be) – Entertain your customers through the use of humour.

eCommerce Product Pages

Drive Sales Through Effective Product Descriptions – What to do for your product descriptions…and what not to do.

Upsell and Cross-sell: Strategies To Boost eCommerce Revenue – All your questions about upselling and cross-selling will be answered.

7 Ways To Improve Ecommerce Category Filters – Increase your sales by making your product filters easier to use.

eCommerce Blogging

10 retailer blogs that are genuinely worth reading – Here are ten eCommerce blogs that you can take inspiration from.

eCommerce Video Content

Video content strategy: equipment, tools & other useful advice – Here are some helpful hints in making videos for your eCommerce store.

eCommerce Social Media Content

3 Tips for Maximizing Your Facebook News Feed Exposure – Get more Facebook fans to opt-in to your content.

What to Know About (and How to Leverage!) Buyable Pins – This article is all about getting the most out of buyable pins on Pinterest.

eCommerce Conversion Optimisation

How to Use Psychology to Improve Your Website’s Performance – Increase your conversions using customer psychology.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Applying Cultural Context to Cart Abandonment – Learn how to optimise your shopping cart for global shoppers.

3 Shipping Tactics that Reduce Cart Abandonment – Avoid giving your shoppers nasty shipping surprises to reduce abandonment.

eCommerce News

Google Launches The Buy It Now Button On Mobile – Mobile customers may soon be able to buy directly from the Google search engine results (only for selected eCommerce stores, for the time being).

Other Useful eCommerce Articles

6 Ways Online Fashion Retailers Rapidly Acquire New Customers – These tips for fashion eCommerce retailers can be applied to many other industries too.

Easy does it: six ways content can reduce effort for your online users – Make it easy for your customers to read your blog posts and website content.

Your Website Needs (Better) Forms – Optimise both your checkout form and your contact form.

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