This Week in eCommerce Content Marketing – 7/25/15

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eCommerce links 07/25/15

There were some interesting case studies this week on things like user experience and eCommerce innovations, as well as articles about Pinterest marketing, catalog marketing, and how you can beat Amazon.

eCommerce Case Studies

25 excellent UX examples from ecommerce sites – A look at eCommerce sites that provide a great user experience.

10 neat innovations to make your ecommerce site more interesting – Here are some fun eCommerce innovations that you probably haven’t seen before.

12 About Us Page Examples That Are Probably Better Than Yours – Not directly related to eCommerce pages, but these “about us” pages may give you some good ideas for your own “about us” page.

eCommerce Social Media Content

An Introduction to Facebook Ads for Ecommerce – All you need to know about Facebook ads (well, the basics anyway).

Twitter for Ecommerce: How to Cultivate a Shopping Audience Using Micro Content – A brief introduction to advertising your products on Twitter.

Pinterest Marketing: How to Succeed on Pinterest – A comprehensive article on how to get more out of Pinterest.

eCommerce Conversion Optimisation

What to Include in Site Navigation, for Higher Conversions? – Is your site navigation too cluttered to get your desired conversions? Find out!

5 Things to Optimize on Your E-Commerce Site to Gain More Sales – Gain more conversions with this excellent article by Neil Patel.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

Reduce Cart Abandonment with Simple Visual Tweaks – These simple shopping cart changes may be worthwhile for your webpage.

eCommerce News

Top 3 Online Retail Trends from the 2015 SORO Report – Are you staying on top of these trends?

Other Useful eCommerce Articles

17 ways your ecommerce business can beat Amazon – Amazon may be a formidable competitor, but it isn’t perfect.

Direct Marketing, Brand Association and Revenue: Why a Catalog Might be Your Next Best Marketing Bet – A convincing case for old fashioned catalog marketing, both online and offline.

One Click Away – Website Optimization – Brent Pohlman has some interesting ideas when it comes to website optimisation.

The Pros and Cons of Popular Ecommerce Payment Options – The pros and cons of payment systems like Google Wallet, Amazon Payments, Intuit and more.

Do you know of any useful eCommerce articles I didn’t mention here? Let me know in the Twitter discussion.

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