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If you want to learn about eCommerce web content for email, then this will be a good week for you. Why? Because this week had many helpful articles about email marketing. You can also learn about other things too, such as building trust for first time site visitors, writing a good Call To Action, and more.

eCommerce Links for this Week

The Art of the Email Sign-up: 18 Dos and Don’ts – The most important part of eCommerce email marketing is to capture emails. You can find out the best ways to capture emails in this article.

15 Tips for Welcome Email – So you’ve captured your customers email. What should you include in the welcome email to reduce the chances of them unsubscribing?

6 After-order Emails to Boost Ecommerce Sales – Not only have you captured your customers email, they’ve purchased from you too. Well done! But you can still continue to market to these existing customers through email and make further sales.

Top 10 Ingredients to Create the Perfect Abandoned Cart Email – You can also use email content to reduce cart abandonment. Find out how to optimise abandoned cart emails in this article to bring customers back for that sale.

Unconversion: Optimizing Email Unsubscribe – A sad fact of life is that many customers will unsubscribe to your email marketing efforts. Here is a way to best optimise the process of un-scsubscription. (And maybe even get some of these customers to return.)

9 Steps to the Perfect E-commerce Product Page – Once you have the customer at your product page, here are some types of content you can add to the page to increase sales, whether you’ve captured their email or not.

5 Ways to Inspire Your First-Time Site Visitors to Trust You -Unfortunately, most of your customers will leave your site without buying anything at all. (And this is why email capture is so important.) But you can build early trust to get more of these first-time customers to buy from you.

3 Simple Ways to Combat Cart Abandonment with Overlays – Here are two ways you can reduce cart abandonment. One, is to collect the customers email as soon as you can. Two is to surprise your customer during the checkout process with irrestible offers. .

11 Tips for Creating the Perfect Call to Action – Creating an effective eCommerce “Call To Action” is all about wording and design. Maybe you want to capture emails? Or urge your customers to shop further? Or get shoppers to add products to their cart? This article will help you decide what to include on your CTA’s, and where to put them on your site.

Key Takeaway from this week

Email is one of your most effective eCommerce marketing tools. Whether you want to please (and keep) new customers, or market to existing customers, good email content can only lead to more sales.


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