Inspiring E-Commerce Links – 9/5/15

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eCommerce Web Content Links - 9/5/15

The weeks most interesting and inspiring articles on E-Commerce marketing and web content creation.

Want some ideas for your next E-Commerce email marketing campaign? Or maybe you want some inspiration for your next social media contest? Maybe you’re after some E-Commerce web design ideas? All this and more is available in this weeks “Inspiring E-Commerce Links”


E-Commerce Links for This Week

Clayton Coomer at SEMrush

Beautiful content is shareable. Beautiful content arouses curiosity. Beautiful content is informative. Beautiful content is…well, just see this article to find out what else makes content beautiful.

While Supplies Last: How to Use Scarcity and Urgency to Increase Sales
Corey Ferreira at Shopify

If your online shoppers don’t act immediately to buy the item they want, they may never end up buying it. But you can reduce the chances of this happening by creating scarcity and urgency.

Improve Your Online Store UX With These Handy Tips
Kerry Butters at Netguru

Here are some UX (user experience) tips, that will help you move your customers towards the checkout process without frustrating them.

Making Changes to Your Website? Draw Inspiration From These 13 Web Designs
Dan Slagen at HubSpot

Here are some web design examples, some of which you may like, others you may not like. But they’ll be sure to inspire you for your next E-Commerce web design project.

Crafting the Perfect Subject Line
Bryan Gudmundson at UpSellit

Want to get your emails opened more often? This article has a range of tips on crafting email subject lines that will entice more of your subscribers to view your emails.

16 Examples of Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns
Carly Stec at HubSpot

I hope you can take some inspiration from these (mostly) E-Commercce email marketing examples.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Emails: Why You Need Them and What They Should Say
Joe Fylan Elegant Themes

Cart abandonment rates can be as high as 90%. This isn’t very inspiring, I admit. But it does provide an opportunity to get these buyers back with abandoned cart emails.

Instagram Contest Guide: How To Make Your Campaign A Success

Contests are a good way to gain publicity and interaction through social media. With a focus on Instagram, here are some different types of contests you can run

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