eCommerce Content Marketing Links – January 2016

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My favourite eCommerce content marketing links from January 2016.

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How is your year going? I hope it’s going well. Here are the links for January 2016. I hope these links will inspire your eCommerce content marketing.


eCommerce Links for January 2015

General Content Marketing

9 Examples Of Link-Worthy Resources For E-Commerce Sites
Julie Joyce at Search Engine Land
Here are some content ideas to gain links to your site, and traffic to your product pages.

3 Great Retailer Blogs Content Marketers Should Read
Armando Roggio at Practical Ecommerce
An examination of three blogs which represent excellent examples of eCommerce content marketing.

404 Error Pages Serve 2 Purposes: SEO and User Satisfaction
Jill Kocher at Practical Ecommerce
Avoid annoying your users on your 404 error pages. Instead, use these pages as an opportunity to make your site visitors feel happy.

Social Media Content

Lessons from 7 Retailers Owning Social Media Right Now
Huw Jenkins at Ometria
These retailers all have inspiring social media content.

Email Content

12 Noteworthy Examples of Fetching Fashion Welcome Emails
Hannah Stacey at Ometria
These 12 examples should inspire you for your eCommerce email content.

20 Reasons to Love NET-A-PORTER’s Welcome Email Series
Huw Jenkins at Ometria
And here is a good example of a welcome email series by NET-A-PORTER. 

eCommerce Case Studies

Habitat’s new mobile site: Great UX, poor content
Jack Simpson at Econsultancy
Here is a case study that examines the UX of Habitat, a furniture store.

Online shopping at Aldi: Is it any good?
Ben Davis at Econsultancy
A look at the new Aldi site, to see what user experience it offers.

Carlsberg: Probably the best content strategy in 2015…
Ben Davis at Econsultancy
Beer sales have slowed down. Yet Carlsberg has still reached millions with a creative and well-timed content campaign.

Your Turn…

Do you know of any inspiring articles I didn’t mention here? Leave a comment below and let me know in the comments below or join the Twitter discussion.

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