eCommerce Web Content Links – November 2015

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This months most helpful articles on eCommerce web content and content marketing.

eCommerce Links November 2015

It’s that time again for the monthly link roundup.

You’ll notice that this months links have a disproportionate number of articles from Econsultancy. To provide balance I tried to see which of these I could eliminate from the list, but Econsultancy produced too much great content this month and I had to leave them all in. (props to Ben Davis)


eCommerce Links for November 2015

Eight examples of best practice on Argos product pages
Ben Davis at Econsultancy

An examination of the product pages of Argos, a British catalogue retailer. What are some tactics that Argos implement on their product pages to increase conversions?

5 Strategies Proven to Keep Users on Your Product Pages
Pawel Grabowski at eCommerce Insiders

The longer you keep a customer on your product pages, the more likely they are to add the product to their cart.

Research Confirms Product Listing Hover Information Increases On-Site Product Discoverability and Conversion
Christian Holst at Bigcommerce

This article talks about an interesting topic – how you can user hover display to enhance usability.

7 Merchandising Lessons from Top Online Retailers 
Armando Roggio at Practical Ecommerce

Merchandising is “the art and science of displaying products or offers on a website with the goal of increasing sales”. Many of the top retailers use similar techniques for merchandising, so they obviously work. What can you learn from the best?

The ultimate ecommerce CRO & UX case study: RS Components
By Ben Davis at Econsultancy

Here is a detailed case study of RS Components. What changes did they implement on their site to improve user experience and increase conversions?

How A/B tests improved add-to-basket levels by almost 30%: Case study
Jack Simpson at Econsultancy

Not all A/B tests will be winners. But the ones that do win can increase your conversions on a permanent basis. Here are three successful tests by clothing retailer A Hume.

Why Lush is the undisputed master of ‘B-commerce’
By Ben Davis at Econsultancy

Ben Davis compares Lush to The Body shop, two beauty retailers who sell natural products. What does Lush do right when it comes to branding, that The Body Shop does not?

Less is More: Top Three Ways to Consolidate and Improve Your Store Navigation
Eric Yonge at Bigcommerce

Here are three of the best navigation practises to make it easier for site browsers to find the product they want…and convert.

3 Site Layout Considerations Proven to Increase Sales
by Eric Yonge at Bigcommerce

This second article by Eric Yonge goes from navigation to actual site layout, and how layout can also be used to increase conversions.

Five best practice tips to boost mobile conversions
Lee Duddell at Econsultancy

Lee Duddell brings together some of the best tips on improving mobile conversions, based on an examination of 15 leading retailers and the problems they faced.

Using Pinterest For Keyword Research
Clay Cazier at Search Engine Land

Did you know that you can use Pinterest for keyword research? This can lead to many new ideas for content creation, both for your brand or category pages, and for your blog content.

7 Copywriting Hacks Based in Psychology

Appeal to psychology in your product descriptions (or in any other part of your website) with these copywriting tips.

12 Tips for Writing With Unforgettable Personality
Neil Patel at Hubspot

Are you ready to add some personality to your content? This article by Neil Patel will show you where to begin.

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