eCommerce Web Content Links – October 2015

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This months most helpful articles on eCommerce web content and content marketing.

eCommerce Links October 2015

I’m happy to announce that the eCommerce link roundup posts have returned – this time in monthly format.


eCommerce Links for October 2015

A copywriter’s template for excellent product page descriptions
Ben Davis at Econsultancy

Stuck on your product descriptions? You can gain some guidance with this article outlining seventeen questions you can ask yourself before writing your descriptions.

5 Tips to Punch Up Your Product Descriptions
Corey Beale at HubSpot

Or you can just use these simple product description tips to further convince shoppers to make the purchase.

Mobile Product Page Design: The Inverted Pyramid
Pamela Hazelton at Practical Ecommerce

Optimising your mobile product pages is not to be neglected either. Take advice from this article to help optimise your mobile product pages for user experience and usability.

AO vs. EE: comparing the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ ecommerce sites
Jack Simpson at Econsultancy

Do you love case studies? I do. Here is one which compares an eCommerce site that provides one of the best rated user experiences, to one of the worst.

7 Essential Ecommerce Design Elements for Successful Stores
Brandt Reed at Bigcommerce

Want to increase conversions through good site design? The design elements discussed in this article are not to be overlooked.

7 Deadly Sins of Ecommerce Design That Kill Your Store
Piotr Koczorowski at Usability Tools

I hope you aren’t committing any of these deadly design sins. If so, then don’t! They can put a dent in your conversions.

Awesome Black Friday Email Campaigns You Can Steal This Holiday Season
Corey Ferreira at Shopify

Black Friday is nigh. Please go through these excellent examples of successful email campaigns – and steal what you need.

Email Marketing: 3 Examples, Good and Bad
Carolyn Nye at Practical Ecommerce

And if you want to learn a bit more about email marketing, you can learn from these email marketing examples, both good and bad.

7+ Order Confirmation Emails to Skyrocket Sales
Ty Rothstein at StoreYa

Customer engagement doesn’t end at the sale – that’s just the beginning, so try to send them confirmation emails that will increase future sales, not hinder them.

6 Companies That Are Killing It On Instagram
Kim Speier at Mainstreet Host

Want to enhance your presence and branding on social media? Maybe you can gain some inspiration from these companies who have gained a mass of Instagram followers.

12 Examples of Brilliantly-Crafted Facebook Posts from Online Retailers
Hannah Stacey at Ometria

Otherwise, here are some “brilliantly-crafted” Facebook Posts from online retailers for you to gain ideas from.

5 Online Retailers Giving Their Staff a Starring Role in Their Marketing
Rita Braga Martins at Ometria

Did you know that you can get your staff involved in your content marketing too? See how these online retailers do just that.

Do you know of any inspiring articles I didn’t mention here? Join the Twitter discussion.

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