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ecommerce links august 22 2015

It’s this time of week again 🙂

This week you can learn how eCommerce businesses in tough industries can overcome difficulties, see different types of website content will please your customers, find out what types of emails you can send, and more.


eCommerce Links for the Week

9 Things Your Online Store Should Have To Keep Customers Happy
Wendy Burt-Thomas at Vertical Response

What are some types of content that can “please” your customers enough to lead to more sales? This article outlines several types of content that can do just that. Do you have content like this on your own eCommerce website?

10 Email Campaigns Every Company Should Start With
Sasha Seddon at Mailjet

Email is a great opportunity to engage your potential customers, because if you don’t engage them, they can hit the “unsubscribe” button even more quickly then they signed up.

How 3 Beauty Brands Overcome eCommerce Obstacles
Stephanie Wharton at Curalate

One of the toughest eCommerce industries is “beauty”. But brands have been able to overcome difficulties in this industry with user-generated and brand content, both through social media and on their product pages. You too can increase sales and engagement with gorgeous product photos that showcase what you sell, and user-generated content.

7 Ecommerce Tips to Drive Back to School Sales
Grant Thomas at Justuno

Back to School sales are important, whether you want to target mums, uni students, or even teachers. Here are some ways you can capitalise on the back to school season. (These tips can be applied to other industries apart from clothing, and other seasonal sales too).

5 Innovative and Inspiring Brands on Instagram
Casey Hickman at Postano

Instagram can inspire creativity in social media content. Here are five brands that do just that. Maybe you can take some inspiration for your own social media accounts? (Pay special attention to Nike’s Instagram page).

30 Must-Use Methods for Killing Shopping Cart Abandonment
Neil Patel at Kissmetrics

Here are thirty tactics to “kill” shopping cart abandonment. When reading this article, you’ll find that providing timely and helpful web content throughout the checkout process, is instrumental in reducing cart abandonment. Web content can make your customer feel comfortable and secure, show your customer that you care about them, and convince them that the sale is right for them.

7 Examples of Expert Newsjacking by Ecommerce Brands
Hannah Stacey at Ometria

Newsjacking is when you take advantage of the the latest news stories or current events to create timely content. It’s an effective strategy to bring rapid traffic to your site. Here are seven ways eCommerce sites have used Newsjacking to their advantage. Maybe there are some ideas here that you can use?

Do you know of any useful eCommerce articles I didn’t mention here? Let me know in the Twitter discussion.


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