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eCommerce Links August 29 2015

It’s my favourite time of week again, where I present to you some of the best eCommerce links from the week 🙂

This week you can learn what breadcrumb navigation is and how to implement it, which usability changes will help you to sell more, how to simplify the product selection process for your customers, and more.


eCommerce Links for this Week

5 Effective Ways to Increase Online Sales With a Blog
Ty Rothstein at StoreYa

You’ll find stacks of articles about blogging in general, but not many specifically about eCommerce blogging. This article outlines five simple elements of a blog that can increase sales, and presents four different case studies for inspiration.

Rochelle Bailis at SEMrush

Usability sells. Here are some ways to improve eCommerce usability, some of which you may not have heard of before.

Simplifying Choices for the Brain to Improve Conversions
by SiteTuners

Simplify your buying process and you’ll make more sales. It’s that simple. (Pun is intended.) In this article you’ll find out some strategies to minimise choice for your customers, and to make these choices stand out so customers don’t have trouble finding the products they need.

Cross-selling online: why it’s important & how to do it
Jack Simpson at Econsultancy

Here is a range of different cross-selling techniques so you can cross-sell more profitably, as well as various examples that you can draw inspiration from.

How 3 Mega E-Commerce Websites Approach Title Tag & Meta Description Optimization
Leila De La Fuente at TopRank Online Marketing

Leila De La Fuente takes a look at the title tags and meta descriptions (that show up on the Google search results) of three major eCommerce brands. You’ll find out what approach each of these brands take to title tags and meta descriptions, what they’re doing right, and, of course, what they could be doing better.

Why You Were Always Wrong About Breadcrumbs
Sharan Suresh at VWO

Another comprehensive and informative article by VWO, this one about “breadcrumb navigation”. VWO will describe to you what breadcrumb navigation is, the benefits of breadcrumb navigation, best practices for breadcrumb navigation, and a lot more.

4 Social Media Trends that Change the Game for eCommerce Websites
Meg Nanson Hootsuite

What are some social media trends that you can take advantage of in your social media strategy? Find out in this article, which has info about Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, and a little known (yet effective) social media channel called Polyvore.

Do you know of any useful eCommerce articles I didn’t mention here? Let me know in the Twitter discussion.

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