Book Review: Small Business Big Money Online by Alex Harris

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There is more to eCommerce conversion optimisation than simply viewing a site and coming up with a list of things to test.

When deciding how to increase eCommerce conversions the process needs to be systematic.

Enter the following book by Alex Harris: Small Business Big Money Online

[message]Alex Harris is an eCommerce web designer with almost 15 years of experience in helping eCommerce websites to sell more. In total he has conducted over 5000 split tests. You can follow Alex on Twitter[/message] The Breakdown

Small Business Big Money Online introduces you to the authors “Marketing Optimization System”, which gives you a purpose to your eCommerce conversion optimisation efforts.

Here is the breakdown:

Part One – The Methodology

Module 1 – Customer Mindset

Introduces you to the concept of getting inside the customers mind.

Module 2 – Gathering Intelligence

Gives you tools and tips on collecting customer data.

Module 3 – Marketing Optimization Systems

Sums it all up by outlining the whole system that helps you to increase your eCommerce conversions and grow your business.

Part Two – Case Studies: eCommerce Small Business

This section outlines three in depth case studies consisting of an eCommerce site that sells health supplements, an online store selling tax courses using an eCommerce platform, and an eCommerce site that sells organic food online.

What Can Small Business Big Money teach you about eCommerce Web Content?

When creating eCommerce web content, it’s better to do so with a purpose and with set goals in mind.

If you just create content randomly and add it to your site, it may not be as effective as you’d like it to be.

But if you add content based on research and data, you can use this content to increase engagement, and ultimately, sales.

I Liked:

The three case studies at the end were detailed, and they went through the whole system step by step.

There were numbered “Action Tips” at the end of each section for you to look back on.

Should I read Small Business Big Money Online by Alex Harris and Bryan Eisenberg?

If you want to develop an effective system to increase your eCommerce conversions, Small Business Big Money Online outlines such a system, in simple terms.

It doesn’t actually list the factors that you could test to increase conversions. For this I recommend you read the authors other book which does a fine job. What it does do is help you to look at the bigger picture, which can allow you to come up with your own ideas of things to test.

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