This Week in eCommerce Content Marketing – 6/13/15

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Last week there was a huge number of useful eCommerce articles from around the web. Lucky for us, this week is no different.

eCommerce Web Content

7 Things Customers Want to See on Your About Page – This concise article by Gail Oliver at Attention Getting Marketing should help you to make your About Page more appealing.

eCommerce Case Studies

Website Review: – Here is a thorough review of an eCommerce site by Samrat Krishna at VWO, which may give you some ideas to apply to your own eCommerce site.

eCommerce Conversion Optimization

Five easy steps to more sales from your website – If you want to make more sales on your eCommerce site, these simple tips from Graham Jones will help you out.

5 Ways to Optimize Your eCommerce Website Design – Ashley Taylor Anderson at Ceros writes about 5 design changes you can make to your eCommerce webpage to move customers along the sales funnel and improve conversions.

Your Terrible Website is Ruining Your PPC Performance – This article by Michelle Morgan at Search Engine Watch tells you how you can increase conversions through Pay Per click campaigns.

Why We Click: The Simple Psychology Behind Calls to Action – Cynthia Price at the Business 2 Community blog discusses several elements you can test on your CTA button to increase conversions, such as colour, text, shape, size and placement.

Do Hero Images Prompt Ecommerce Conversions? – Hero images are product images that take up a significant proportion of the screen space to draw attention to them. They look good, but they can be expensive and time consuming to implement. Corey Beale at Hub Spot discusses whether hero images will actually increase conversions or not, and how you can make effective use of hero images.

Five ways to use social proof online – Jack Simpson at Econsultancy explains five ways you can make more sales through social proof

When It Comes to Online Shopping, Convenience Drives Conversion – This neat little infographic helps you to increase conversions by providing exceptional customer service.

eCommerce SEO

E-COMMERCE SEO TIPS AND TRICKS #SEMRUSHCHAT – This article at SEMRush contains a wealth of SEO tips that are specific to eCommerce. There’s bound to be at least one tip there that you could use to gain more traffic from Google.

Off-site Branding 101: How to Optimize Title Tags and Meta Descriptions to Generate Increased Traffic – Katey Ferenzi at Bigcommerce will help you to optimise your title tags and metadescriptions to get more traffic to your site.

10 essentials for local SEO success – If you have a physical premises as well as an online store, a bit of local SEO can go a long way to increasing traffic to your site, which James Gurd at Econsultancy discusses in this article.

eCommerce Social Media Content

The Best Ways To Promote New Products on Instagram – Have you got a new product that you want to promote on Instagram? Wendy Burt-Thomas at Vertical Response will help you do this by discussing imagery, video, hashtags, post scheduling, and post promotion.

Other Useful eCommerce Content

Scare Story: The Death of “Independent” eCommerce – According to this article by John Hayes at iContact, online eCommerce in the future will be dominated by the big players like Amazon and eBay. But its not all doom and gloom, because their are ways for you to fight back.

How Badly Does Your Online Shop Need Live Chat? – Sharan Suresh at VWO gives you a good case for including live chat on your eCommerce site.


What about you? Did you find any of these articles useful? Or did you come across any articles I didn’t include here? Let me know in the comments section below.

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