This Week in eCommerce Content Marketing – 6/20/15

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This week brings you some helpful articles on eCommerce conversion optimisation, eCommerce blogging, and more.

eCommerce Product Pages

5 Ecommerce Companies Who Do Social Proof Right – Charlie Keegan at HubSpot argues that eCommerce sites can be using social proof more extensively on their product pages to increase sales, then describes five examples of eCommerce businesses doing just that.

Customer Reviews Can Sell Your Products – Pamela Hazleton at Practical Ecommerce tells you all about selling more of your products by using customer reviews.

eCommerce Conversion Optimisation

6 Biggest Mistakes That Kill Website Conversions – Even if you have a lot of website traffic, a low conversion rate can still have a detrimental impact on your eCommerce business. This article by Jon Kreps at the Business to Community blog helps you to find out if you have a conversion problem, then goes into the six issues that are most likely to effect your conversions.

SEO: For Conversions, Every Page Is a Landing Page – Jill Kocher at Practical Ecommerce argues that you should consider every page on your site as a landing page, and optimise accordingly to increase conversions.

7 Ways to Improve Ecommerce Site Navigation – Armando Roggio at Practical Ecommerce offers you seven suggestions to improve your navigation to create a better user experience (which ultimately leads to more sales).

eCommerce Blogging

The Daily Mail can actually make you a better blogger – These unique tips by Graham Jones can be used to improve your eCommerce blogging, and you may have never heard of them before.

Other Useful eCommerce Articles

How to Increase Engagement with User Generated Content – Are you thinking of getting user generated content for your eCommerce store? Elizabeth Dyrsmid at Groove Digital Marketing describes the advantages of user generated content and ways to inspire your customers to create content for you.


What about you? Did you find any of these articles useful? Or did you come across any articles I didn’t include here? Let me know in the comments section below.

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