This Week in eCommerce Content Marketing – 6/27/15

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This week brings you a wide range of useful articles about eCommerce content marketing.

eCommerce Product Pages

3 Ways to Make FOMO Work for Your Ecommerce Company – Ted Ammon at Hub Spot describes three ways you could increase sales on your product pages by addressing your customers “fear of missing out.”

Product Options: The Most Commonly Overlooked Ecommerce Element Likely Affecting Your SEO and Conversions – Katey Ferenzi at Bigcommerce helps you to increase your sales on product pages the correct optimisation of product options.

How to Use Your Smartphone to Capture High Quality Product Images – You don’t need the most sophisticated of camera equipment to capture enticing and attractive product images. Thomas Kragelund at Bigcommerce will help you to do this using just your smartphone.

eCommerce Video Content

“How to” Videos – a Golden Opportunity for Brands to Generate Content – This article by Elizabeth Dyrsmid at Groove Digital Marketing will help you understand why creating “How to” videos is important for your eCommerce brand.

Shoppable video: the missing piece of your marketing strategy? – Vebeka Guess at Econsultancy describes how you can showcase your products in videos without compromising the video viewing experience.

eCommerce Conversion Optimisation

7 Features All Mid-Level eCommerce Sellers Need – Joel House at the Business 2 Community blog explains seven features you need to have on your site to make it sell more effectively.

Mastering the Art of the Ecommerce Microconversion – eCommerce conversion optimisation is not only about that “big” conversion. Most times you just want to move the customer further along the process at earlier stages of the buying cycle. Corey Beale will help you to understand more about this with his article at Hub Spot.

eCommerce Social Media Content

How the top five UK ecommerce brands use Pinterest – This article by Jack Simpson at Econsultancy outlines how five of the top eCommerce brands in the UK are using Pinterest. It includes things like how they name their boards, how often they link back to their own site, what type of imagery they use and more.

eCommerce Content Marketing

7 Creative Content Ideas for Your Ecommerce Site – Greg Wise at Hub Spot outlines examples of successful eCommerce content marketing campaigns  by various eCommerce businesses. This article should give you some unique angle of content that you could create yourself. It covers a wide range of content types like blogs, Pinterest content, user-generated content, creative product pics, videos, product descriptions and more.


What about you? Did you find any of these articles useful? Or did you come across any articles I didn’t include here? Let me know in the comments section below.

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