This Week in eCommerce Content Marketing – 7/11/15

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It was another huge week for useful articles about eCommerce web content, with articles about using colours in the right way to drive more sales, setting up your product pages to cater to both genders, and more. Enjoy!

eCommerce Product Pages

How to Optimize Ecommerce Product Images for Faster Pages, High Conversion – Armando Roggio at Practical eCommerce will help you to reduce your image sizes for faster loading and increased conversions.

Increase Sales by Removing Gender-specific Elements – Pamela Hazelton at Practical Ecommerce explains how to set up your product pages to appeal to both genders, in order to prevent losing sales.

eCommerce Blogging

The Perfect ‘How To’ Post – What We Learnt From 1.6m Articles – You eCommerce blog content will probably contain some “How to posts. This in depth article by Steve Rayson at BuzzSumo explains how to create the perfect “How To” post, based on research and analysis of 1.6 million “How To” posts.

eCommerce Video Content

From Storyboard to Export: How to Create Your First Product Video – Brad Jefferson at Bigcommerce will help you to make your first product video.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

[Infographic] The Anatomy of a Perfect Checkout Page – It’s no good having a perfect eCommerce store if your checkout page isn’t perfectly optimised. Check out this infograpihc at VWO, which will help you make the perfect checkout page.

eCommerce Conversion Optimization

6 Must-Test Elements of Your eCommerce Shop That Can Give Epic Wins – Jacob McMillen at VWO talks about some of the main elements you could test to increase conversions.

5 Smart Ways to Provide a Great User Experience – This article at Spark Pay may help you to increase your eCommerce conversions by providing a better user experience.

3 Principles for High Conversions on Your Website – Jesse Richardson talks about three of the main principles for eCommerce conversion.

Increase Your Conversion Rate Using Colors in The Right Way – Michael Georgiou at Positionaly talks about which colours convert best, taking into account many factors such as the gender of your audience and contrast.

eCommerce SEO

Five reasons people link to your website… and how to make the most of their intentions – Jo-ann Fortune at Econsultancy discusses five reasons why people may link to your eCommerce store.

SEO: Header Navigation Critical to Success – Jill Kocher at Practical Ecommerce discusses the importance of your navigation, and how linking to category pages in the navigation helps with SEO success.

eCommerce Social Media Content

Which Social Media Sites Fit Your Ecommerce Company? – You can’t be on every social media platform. Michael Stancil at Practical Ecommerce discusses each of the major social networking sites to help you determine if your eCommerce business should be on them or not. A very important topic

10 Arguments for a Pinterest Business Account – Carol Stephen at Your Social Media Works outlines ten ways in which Pinterest can help your eCommerce business to be more successful.

THE ONE PINTEREST TIP EVERY BLOGGER NEEDS! – Dorien Morin-Van Dam at More In Media gives you one Pinterest tip that can help you drive more traffic.

eCommerce Mobile Content

Five tips on writing content for a mobile audience – Graeme Parton at Econslutancy five good practices for writing web content for your mobile customers.

eCommerce News

Buyable Pins start rolling out today! – Pinterest is now starting to roll out buyable pins. It’s only available for US transactions at the moment, but who knows what will happen in the future?

Google Showing Reviews Snippets About Products In Knowledge Panels – Google is now pulling snippets from customer product reviews and showing them on their search results pages.

Other Useful eCommerce Articles

24 best practice tips for ecommerce site search – Graham Charlton at Econsultancy lists practically everything you need to know to give your customer the best internal search experience possible. Very comprehensive.

10 Creative Ways to Drive Engagement with your Online Store – Grant Thomas at Justuno discusses ten ways to engage your customers to make more sales.

What drives ecommerce sales? – David Sasson at Practical Ecommerce talks about four main factors that can lead to long term eCommerce success: Inventory availability, Website traffic, Customer experience, and Competition

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