This Week in eCommerce Content Marketing – 7/4/15

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It’s been a great week for eCommerce content marketing this week, with a range of quality articles covering some interesting topics. Take a look at some of these articles, and see if there are any you may find useful.

eCommerce Product Pages

31 things I need to see on your ecommerce product page – Graham Charlton at Econsultancy outlines just about everything you need to include on your product pages to make more sales.

6 Things to Love About eBay Product Pages – Armando Roggio outlines six aspects of the eBay product pages that impress him. Maybe you could try some of these on your own product pages, if you haven’t already?

eCommerce Blogging

12 elements of a user-friendly blog page – An eCommerce blog is no good if your readers find it hard to use. Jack Simpson at Econsultancy describes twelve ways to make your blog more user friendly to increase readership.

eCommerce Conversion Optimisation

How Debenhams’ site redesign led to ecommerce sales growth – Christopher Ratcliff at Econsultancy analyses the changes that led to this eCommerce store increasing their sales.

How ecommerce sites can use microcopy – Microcopy are small pieces of text, often placed on online forms, that reassure the customer when in doubt, or help the customer know what to do next. Microcopy improves user experience, and hence, conversion. Graham Charlton discusses microcopy in this article at Econsultancy.

A Critical Look at Ecommerce CTAs: What Works and What Lacks – Morgan Jacobson at Hub Spot examines the CTA’s of several eCommerce retailers, ranking them from worst to best.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

The Golden Rules of Checkout Abandonment – And When to Break Them – There are exceptions to every rule, even when tackling shopping cart abandonment. Joe Rosenthal outlines three of the golden rules for reducing shopping cart abandonment, and how some eCommerce sites have been able to successfully break these rules.

eCommerce SEO

Internal Links: A Critical Piece of the SEO Puzzle – Zak Becker at Inbound Marketing Agents tells you all about internal linking, describing the benefits, and how it can increase SEO. He then discusses some internal linking strategies.

eCommerce Social Media Content

8 Content Formats to Jazz-up Social Media Posts – Samantha Collier at Practical Ecommerce outlines different types of content you can post on social media to engage your customers or stimulate discussion.

Five small businesses with brilliant Pinterest pages – Jack Simpson at Econsultancy takes a look at five businesses who have amazing Pinterest pages. Inspiration, no?

eCommerce Mobile

10 of the finest mobile ecommerce sites – Christopher Ratcliff at Econsultancy outlines ten eCommerce businesses who give their customers a good experience through mobile.

Other Useful eCommerce Articles

21 ways online retailers can improve customer retention rates – Focusing on existing customers is more profitable than trying to obtain new ones (though both of these things are important). Graham Charlton at Econsultancy outlines 21 ways to keep your customers coming back for more (or prevent them from leaving).

3 Awesome Ecommerce Design Trends You Can Implement Today – Tucker Schreiber at Shopify talks about three simple eCommerce designs that will make your site look fresh.

3 Strategies for PPC Ad Copy, for Ecommerce – Robert Brady at Practical eCommerce helps you to write pay-per-click ads that produce results. He does this by helping you to establish relevance, outline your unique selling points, and to include a call to action.

5 Key Reasons to Implement Live Chat on Your eCommerce Site – Bill Faeth at the Inbound Marketing Agents outlines the benefits of implementing live chat on your eCommerce site. Live chat can satisfy the customer, increase sales and save you money.


What about you? Did you find any of these articles useful? Or did you come across any articles I didn’t include here? Let me know in the comments section below.

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