This Week in eCommerce Content Marketing – 8/8/15

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Web content design appeared to be a recurring theme this week (with a little bit about storytelling). It’s not just the website content itself that engages your customers and sells more of your product. It’s the way you present that content.

This week you can learn what to include in product page bullet points and where to place them, examine an eCommerce site that provides one of the best user experiences known, and more.

eCommerce Links for this Week

How to Use Bullet Points to Sell Products – Bullet points help you to sell. The content of the bullet points themselves are super important, but so is the bullet point placement. The best ecommerce experience available online? – See how provides one of the best user experiences imaginable, through a combo of website design and helpful web content.

Interactive Content for Retail Marketing: Lookbooks and Banners – Lookbooks and banners need to have awesome content that tells your brand story. But they also require great design to make it easier for the customer to purchase the product being presented.

How three fashion brands became the most ’socially engaged’ – See how these three fashion brands present their story through attractive web content and social media.

How 7 Retailers Use Welcome Emails to Tell Their Brand Story – These retailers don’t just send a textual welcome email. They tell their whole brand story in a compelling – and visual – way.

5 eCommerce Design Tips to Spice Up Your Site – These beautiful design techniques will keep your eCommerce site up to date, and improve the site experience for your customers.

Ecommerce Website Design for Different Buying Styles – What sorts of things can you include on your site to cater to different buying styles? This article covers the following types of buyers: the impulse shopper, detail-oritned shoppes, hesitant buyer, and the paralysed buyer.

WHY YOU SHOULD USE CREDIBILITY MARKERS FOR YOUR E-COMMERCE SITE – Want more potential sales through increasing your credibility? This article outlines the top six credibility markers that you can add to your site to increase sales.

5 Storytelling Mistakes That Content Marketers Must Avoid – Want to tell a good business story in your eCommerce web content? Don’t make these storytelling mistakes.

Key Takeaway from this week

Good website content sells. But so does good website design.

Do you know of any useful eCommerce articles I didn’t mention here? Let me know in the Twitter discussion.

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